The Food

Every Central American country has its own unique and delicious style of food.
Salvadorian food is perhaps the most distinctive of all, drawing from its Spanish
and indigenous roots. Pupusas, thick flour tortillas stuffed with a variety of meats,
beans cheese and other ingredients, are most commonly identified as traditionally
Salvadorian. As with other Central American cuisine, tortillas, tamales, rice and
beans round out the menu.

Salvadorian food has become better known and more popular over the past few
decades, brought by Salvadorans migrating to the United States as a result of the
Salvadoran Civil War of the 1980’s. Salvadoran restaurants can now be found in
many major cities in America.

We invite you to try our selection of Salvadorian specialties, as well as the other
delicious items on our menu from our neighboring Central American countries. 

Our Daily Specials menu changes frequently